Our network infrastructure between New York City, NY and Ashburn, VA:

Construction Update

UFD is anticipating completing its long-haul fiber optic network between New York City, NY and Ashburn, VA by the end of 2018. Construction on the network in New Jersey and New York is complete, with a 13.7 mile metro ring in NYC and 100 miles linking New York City to key datacenters in New Jersey, in addition to the buildings in our list above.

UFD is currently building the remainder of our network in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia, completing it before the end of 2018.

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About Us

UFD is a carrier-neutral dark fiber provider with physical plant in the northeastern United States.

UFD was founded on the principle of providing diverse connections, utilizing the most current technologies. The company will operate a purpose-built, diverse fiber network in the northeastern United States from New York City, NY to Ashburn, VA.

Learn more about our metro-ring in New York City.

Creating a Superior Alternative

In 2012, connections brought together four entrepreneurs who recognized the need to create a superior alternative to an aging and vulnerable fiber-optic data communications network in the U.S. Northeast region. These entrepreneurs founded United Fiber & Data, a privately held telecommunications company charged with the mission of creating a secure alternative pathway for data communications transmission and storage. This pathway has taken the form of a wholly owned, purpose-built, green field, rural fiber-optic backbone that will connect Lower Manhattan with Ashburn, Virginia.

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a Secure, Scalable Fiber Network with United Fiber & Data

Leverage UFD's New York City Metro-Ring

and Long-Haul Fiber Route

UFD-Owned and Operated

Geographically Diverse


Greenfield Build

in the region including:

With access to many data centers

New York City: 

1. 325 Hudson Street

2. 85 10th Avenue

3. 375 Pearl Street

4. 111 8th Avenue

5. 32 Avenue of Americas

New Jersey: 

1. 800 Secaucus Road

2. 165 Halsey Street

3. 3003 Woodbridge Avenue

4. 800 Cottontail Lane

Virginia (upon completion of fiber route)

1. Filigree Court Campus

- Is 100% UFD-owned and operated

- Is a greenfield build

- Bypasses major corridors and city centers

- Offers one of the lowest latency routes available

- Is diverse, allowing our customers to be deployed across two separate paths, avoiding single points of failure 

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